Our Services

Tribal and Gaming

Allegiant Hospitality Consulting is dedicated to providing economic and community development support to Tribes throughout North America. We provide both consulting and tactical implementation support services for all aspects of operations and business development,  to include:

  • Ensuring revenues and profitability exceed industry standards
  • Ensure all growth opportunities meet long term investment objectives
  • Identify opportunities for efficiencies, develop improvement plans, and oversee implementation
  • Provide leadership development of tribal and non-tribal team members
  • Project manage initiatives
  • Monitor and evaluate service and product standards

AHC has developed the following Keys to Success for working in the Tribal arena:

  • Strive to understand first and be understood second
  • Be consistent and dependable in all circumstances
  • Provide viewpoints from fresh perspectives
  • Never force issues, but rather provide options and recommendations
  • Be respectful and non-judgmental
  • Do not pull punches. Be relied upon to tell the truth
  • Understand that relationships are an important component of all issues
  • Provide reasoning and facts, not just conclusions
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Always exhibit and perpetuate the values of the Tribe
  • Be respectful and mindful of the significance of sovereignty and self-sufficiency for all Tribal Nations

Hotels and Resorts

We specialize in independent, non-affiliated hotels and resorts, as these properties have unique challenges (and often hyper-competitive landscapes) that AHC is uniquely qualified to navigate. We can help you achieve a leading share of market, improve service, increase revenues, and drive NOI. Our areas of expertise in the hotel/resort arena include:


  • Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos
  • Food & Beverage
  • Conference Services/Meetings/Events
  • Spa/Fitness
  • Golf


  • Accounting/Finance/Procurement
  • Organizational Development/Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing


  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plant and Equipment
  • IT Infrastructure

Mergers and Acquisitions

Allegiant Hospitality Consulting can assist in all aspects of business due diligence. Often done in concert with a purchase or sale, asset evaluation services are also a vital part of long term strategic planning efforts. AHC can help you define your business goals, benchmark your current assets and liabilities, and create a framework for future growth.

The success of any investment strategy requires a deep understanding of the investors current position, investment criteria and understanding of the intangible variables that provide value delta to the client’s portfolio.  Allegiant provides project management at the C-Suite level, coordinating the operations, legal, IT, and finance functions required to do a deep-dive into any potential investment or disposition.

Allegiant provides the identification, evaluation and presentation of tactical approaches to M&A that provide key decision makers with high-quality actionable data.

M&A Services:

  • Due Diligence Project Management
  • Evaluation and Presentation of Tactical Approaches
  • Execution of Investment Committee Directives
  • Investment Committee Support, Coaching and Facilitation
  • Articulation of Core Investment Strategy Development
  • Investment Class & Portfolio Review & Analysis

Food & Beverage

We love Food & Beverage! It’s very competitive and challenging operationally, but it can also be highly rewarding and profitable with focused execution against the right plan. Allegiant Hospitality Consulting can provide a wide range of F&B support services to include:

  • Concept creation, plan development, and execution
  • Culinary support, from menu planning and costing to food quality, control, and labor expense
  • Front-of-House assistance, to include beverage program development, training, and service guideline creation
  • Purchasing SOP development
  • Budget, forecasting, and cash flow development and analysis
  • Point-of-Sale selection and problem resolution support
  • Shopping services