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Hotel and Resort

From marketing to yield management to operations, we can help independent properties reach their full potential.

Tribal and Gaming

Casino operations to master planning, our support services provide industry-leading results.

Development Services

Merger and Acquisition, due diligence, business review, and project management services.

Food & Beverage

Projects big and small, from new concept development to fine-tuning existing operations.



Allegiant Hospitality Consulting is a professional services firm with areas of expertise including hotels, resorts, food & beverage and casinos. Our range of disciplines including M&A, marketing, operations, gaming, finance, and service culture, and our depth of experience is unparalleled in the hospitality arena.

Our goal is to provide independent property owners and managers with fresh perspectives on how to position their businesses, improve guest service, drive revenues and increase profitability. Give us a call today at 425.495.3007 to discuss how we can be of service to your organization.